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8/27/08 08:23 pm

the other night i was watching project runway when i thought that one of the models looked familiar...

yes! "she" was one of my sister and my best friends in high school... (no wonder i have problems with straight men, eh?)

dammit! she's got great legs, doesn't she?

1/26/08 11:34 pm - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I watched Torchwood last season, and was not terribly impressed. Where was smiling Jack who flirted so outrageously with both men and women?

He had such chemistry with the 9th and 10th Doctor, Rose and Martha, so what was missing?

Tonight was yummy.

borrowed without permission from tvguide.com

11/12/07 09:09 pm - some more NJ pics

11/12/07 09:04 pm - double trouble

11/8/07 11:01 am

11/7/07 10:22 pm - Look how much I earned in 5 minutes!

my first official post!

ok it's NOT a "real" post, but it's an attempt... more pics to follow

4/29/07 06:33 pm - gip

little bunny foo foo hopping through live journal...

10/9/06 09:20 pm

This is Janet's Live Journal. I'll get around to filling it out more when I'm not so busy.
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